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Calling all Artists!

Carolina Crown is happy to introduce #wearMYcrown! This is where we focus on you, the fans, and let you design what t-shirts you’ll see this summer! That’s right, this is all about you – so let the creativity begin!

How it works:

Each week there will be a different theme to inspire your artwork. Your artwork can be funny, thoughtful, inspiring, abstract, or anything in-between as long as it fits within the theme for that week. Once you’ve completed your design, submit your artwork to There are no limits to how many different submissions you can create for each theme, so don't limit yourself! Each theme has a one-week time frame where submissions will be accepted; after the deadline has passed we will no longer be accepting designs for that week’s theme.

After the submissions round closes, we will post the artwork for the world to see. The #wearMYcrown review team with filter through all the submissions that have been received for that week; this will ensure the artwork is appropriate to be printed, fits within the artwork limitations, etc. To avoid over saturation of artwork to vote on, the #wearMYcrown team will pick 3 - 5 submissions that best encompass the theme for that week. The Crown community will then have one week to ‘Like’ and comment on the artwork that was chosen. At the end of the week, whoever has the most likes and positive comments will be declared the winner and that design will be printed and sold all across the country. If you want your design to win you better tell your friends, tell your family and tell the world--because remember: the more likes, the better!

Sounds pretty cool right? Well, it gets better. If your design is declared the winner of that week, you will be the first to receive the t-shirt after it’s printed, free of charge. You will also receive a $50 gift card to the CrownStore! The gift keeps on giving. We want every fan to own the shirt you spent hours creating and putting through the ringer to get to the top of the charts. Your work doesn’t stop after you hit submit.

The artist designs will compete for an ADDITONAL CASH PRIZE. This is awarded at the end of the summer based on which shirts sold the most.

1ST PLACE - $250
2ND PLACE - $200
3RD PLACE - $150
4TH PLACE - $100

You are now both the artist and the salesperson! Wear your shirt everywhere and tell others about it, because the more you sell the more money you can earn. #wearMYcrown will go through four different themes,giving you four opportunities to get in on this competition!

Every event takes place on Friday!
Opening and closing of submission rounds? Friday
Opening and closing of voting rounds? Friday
Winner announcement of each round? Friday

See below for more details on artwork limitations, artwork deadlines, themes, and compensation.


 #wearMYcrown Schedule:




Winner Announced


Friday April 17th

Friday April 24th @ 4 PM EST

Friday April 24th @ 5 PM EST

Friday May 1st @ 5 PM EST 

Friday May 1st
@ 7 PM EST


Friday April 24th

Friday May 1st @ 4 PM EST

Friday May 1st @ 5 PM EST

Friday May 8th @ 5 PM EST 

Friday May 8th
@ 7 PM EST


Friday May 1st

Friday May 8th @ 4 PM EST

Friday May 8th @ 5 PM EST

Friday May 15th @ 5 PM EST 

Friday May 15th
@ 7 PM EST


Friday May 8th

MONDAY May 18th @ 4 PM EST

Friday May 15th @ 5 PM EST




Artwork limitations:

  • Please make designs with no more than 6 colors. Please include all fonts used when submitting artwork. Your design must fit within a 11 X 14 inch art board

    • If you have very specific color combinations in mind, please supply the Pantone colors for each color you intend to have in your design.
    • If your design was meant for a specific color shirt please let us know.
  • We DO NOT accept .jpg, .png, or files created in MS word or Powerpoint

  • It MUST be the original file, with the original layers as is. We need to be able to properly separate the many layers and colors as needed.

  • The designs need to be original work. We cannot print designs that include copyright or trademark images, logos, brands, etc.

  • The finished product must be a Vector or Psd file. Please only submit .ai, .eps, .pdf, or .psd files.

    • While we can accept .psd files it is prefered and reccomended that you submit your artwork in .ai or .eps format.

UPDATE 4/16/15 - Hand Drawn/Painted Artwork

There have been a lot of questions regarding artwork created by hand. While this is an acceptable start to creating your artwork, this cannot be the finished product. 

If you wish to create your artwork by hand you may, but after it's completed IT MUST be recreated in Illustrator or Photoshop so that it is submitted in the correct formats listed above. If this is something you are unfamiliar with, it is recommended that you find a digital artist that can do this for you. With hand drawings and paintings there are far too many nuances in stroke size, colors, and shading that once scanned would be lost. Not only that but it would more than likely exceed the color limits and not translate well to a printed shirt being that it wouldn't be separated in layers.

To summarize - We support artists who wish to create their artwork by hand, but IT MUST BE RECREATED IN A DIGITAL FORMAT BEFORE SUBMITTING.


If you are a winning designer you will be contacted so that we have the information necessary to get in touch with you with your t-shirt and gift card. We will give you updates through the summer of how your t-shirt design is stacking up in the competition. After DCI Championships we will declare the ranking of the t-shirt sales. 


Here are the themes you will be using to inspire your artwork. Please be mindful of the opening and closing dates of artwork submissions so that your work can be accepted. 

ROUND 1 - The Ultimate Carolina Crown Throwback

OPENS - Friday April 17th
CLOSES - Friday April 24th @ 4 PM EST

Quite a lot has happened in the last 26 years of Carolina Crown, it’s about time we do the Ultimate Throwback Thursday. Though just because we like you, we’ll give you the whole week and not just Thursday night - that's just unrealistic. Avoid focusing on one show of the past, we've had tour shirts for that. Try and think about the big picture. More of a time lapse, or a mashup of the past. Let the image of "The Evolution of Man" inspire you. There are so many different ways to look at the history of Crown. Either in uniform changes over the year, show concepts, or simply the advancement in instrumentation. You can look at the “Cream years”, the uniform changes every three years, a decade of Crown, or our whole history! Just make sure it includes “Carolina Crown” and the crown/horn logo please.

ROUND 2 - Meme Mashups!

OPENS - April 24th
CLOSES - May 1st @ 4 PM EST

This one is pretty simple and self-explanatory. We have all seen funny pictures of cute kittens, people embarrassing themselves on camera, or catchy phrases and sayings that everyone seems to know about; now combine that with Carolina Crown. You’ve probably seen the “Who wore it best” series or other memes created specifically for Crown – take that route if you’d like. Or take a meme untouched by drum corps and bring it into this realm! You got ittt!

ROUND 3 - Street Art.

OPENS - Friday May 1st
CLOSES - May 8th @ 4 PM EST

Graffiti and street art seems to be an art form that most enjoy but never quite understand. Always full of vibrant colors and abstract designs, embellished features or subtle details. Take this concept in mind and bring Crown to the streets and see what comes out! Since vandalism is typically frowned upon … create a design inspired by street art and we’ll print it so you can share it the legal way! Just make sure this design says ‘Crown’, you can use the crown/horn logo – or a new variation of this.

ROUND 4 - Angles, Cubism, and Symmetry

OPENS - Friday May 8th
CLOSES - Friday May 15th @ 4 PM

Are you the next Pablo Picasso? We’re about to find out! Cubism by definition meant to “reject the inherited concept that art should copy nature, or that they should adopt the traditional techniques of perspective, modeling, and foreshortening”. With this is in mind lets put your digital brush to the grindstone and see what sort of angular, abstract, and cube like ‘Crown’ artwork you can think of – just don’t van Gogh off the deep end … that’s taking it too far. 


For any questions or concerns that haven't been covered in the description above please contact

Feel free to submit  or ask questions about your artwork earlier than the deadline to ensure approval of designs before the deadline expires.


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