Drum Major's Log

Drum Major's Log: Stardate 11407.31

Less than nine days to go until finals. We are back with a little more time to write to our fans. The show is pretty much set so its just time for cleaning and perfecting everything and making it great for the crowds.

This past Sunday we came to Charlotte, NC to perform in our hometown Nightbeat show. What a great experience that was. The crowd was the biggest we had ever seen there and the energy was phenomenal. Even the rain, which seemed to be hanging around ready to fall all through out the show, held off until after we performed.

On Monday we stayed and practiced in Fort Mill, SC at Nation Ford High School. It was a good day as we got plenty of time to catch up on some much needed sleep. Lots of friends and family members visited the school throughout the day, which also boosted everyone's energy and enthusiasm.

After a fairly short drive to Roanoke, VA, we took advantage of another great night of floor time in the gym. Patrick Henry High School, in Roanoke, is a huge modern school with a new turf field. And after 90 plus degree weather in Charlotte, it was a welcome relief to rehearse in cooler temperatures with no humidity.

Tuesday night's show took place close to the school in Salem, VA. This is such a fun show because the next day there is a dog show at the convention center right next to the stadium, and all the dog owners and handlers have their tricked out RVs in the parking lot with their fancy show dogs. Lots of us walked around to meet the dogs after the show.

Speaking of the show, the crowd was awesome with a ton of energy and the corps really fed off of that. We put on a great show for the fans, who even stuck around for the encore and danced and sung to our Phil Collins medley.

A lot of the corps hung around longer in the lot after this show and we did too. After last summer's west coast tour, we made lots of friends in the Blue Devils. Their trucks were set up next to ours so we all hung out a little and caught up with friends.

From Salem to our next stop in Allentown, PA was a six hour drive, and we arrived at our traditional housing sight, Raub middle school, at four in the morning and slept til 9am.

We rehearse in Allentown at a neat park area and had a solid rehersal day before heading to West Chester, PA for the Drum Corps an American Tradition show hosted by The Cadets. Another good crowd fill the stands and gave us an enthusiastic standing ovation at the conclusion of our show.

Our performance was filled with great energy again and everyone felt great about it when we came off the field.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday we continue to rehearse in Allentown. Check out the log again soon as we countdown our last few days of the 2014 season.


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