Out of This World Finale


Final Drill Move a Crowning Achievement! 

An amazing new drill move, along with some additional music, has been added to the end of Crown's show, Out of This World. Read about it here and then make sure to see it live this Sunday at NightBEAT in Charlotte, NC.

"This is one of the most challenging shows we've ever done here at Crown. The incredible talent level of the members pushes us to set the bar higher and higher."

Those are the words of Crown Drill Designer, Leon May. Carolina Crown recently added a brand new ending to their show, complete with the signature Crown formation. Additionally, this kaleidoscopic drill and tour de force of virtuosic playing features an amazing 32 count flag feature.

The process of creating this new ending began two weeks ago while the corps was in Cullowhee, NC. First, the brass and percussion sections learned new music, arranged by Music Director, Michael Klesch and Percussion Arranger, Thom Hannum, that was added on to the end of the closing piece, Vitae Aeternum. Leon then wrote the drill and the corps learned it last Tuesday. The CrownGUARD then mastered the flag feature on Wednesday, and the completed ending was performed at Thursday's Denton, TX show.


What makes this finale such a challenge? "It's at the end of a very physically demanding show, and the tempo is 192," said Leon. "Following fast drill with the brass playing a 32 count hold and the flag feature at the end pushes the members to the limit."

The Crown design team still has a few tricks up their sleeves, with Leon adding, "we will continue to produce, enhance, and clean until finals week."

You can see the Crown show and six of the top corps in the country this coming Sunday at NightBEAT presents the Tour of Champions. Don't miss Crown perform alongside Blue Devils, The Cadets, Santa Clara Vanguard, The Cavaliers, Phantom Regiment and Spirit of Atlanta live and outside in Charlotte's Memorial Stadium.

The show starts at 7:00pm, but get there early and watch all the corps display their talented performers during the small ensemble pre-show event beginning at 6:00pm.

Drum Corps legend and Hall of Fame announcer, Steve Rondinaro, will emcee this 26th edition of NightBEAT. You can get your tickets today by clicking here.




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