Crown Loves a Parade (2)


Crown Finishes Week with Band Students

Crown concludes an amazing week of clinics with the outstanding young students participating in Music For All's Summer Symposium in Muncie, Ind. on the campus of Ball State University.

Friday evening at 7:00, Crown performs at DCI Indiana with Blue Stars, Colts, Phantom Regiment, Pioneer, The Cavaliers and Troopers. Click here to watch the show on the Fan Network. After the corps performances, Crown will be joined by the Music For All band students for a combined encore.

It's been a busy week for Carolina Crown filled with clinics, rehearsals and a little bit of extra travel back and forth from the housing site to Ball State's campus. The Music For All Summer Symposium clinics finish up today with a guard and percussion session, and the combined rehearsals with marching band students in preparation for tonight's combined performance. 

After a 9:00 step-off and encore, the corps will pack up and head down the road for the 467 mile cross-country trip to West Seneca, New York. Following a parade and rehearsal on Saturday in West Seneca, Crown will head to Lawrence, Mass. for the Sunday evening East Coast Classic, where they will once again meet up with The Cadets as well as Boston Crusaders, Bluecoats, Spirit of Atlanta, 7th Regiment, Spartans, Defenders, Crusaders Senior and The Muchachos. 

Here are just some of the photos taken at the Music For All clinics. You can find more on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 



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