Rain Rain Go Away

Drum Major's Log: Stardate 11406.25

Early summer in Indiana means one thing for sure ... summer storms! And we have experienced our share of rain, lightning and thunder over the last two days. 

Hello from central Indiana. Since Tuesday, we've been staying at Pendleton Heights Middle School in Pendleton, Ind., a short drive west of Muncie where Ball State University is located. Today and tomorrow we will be at the Ball State football field for rehearsal and for the Music for All Summer Symposium, where hundreds of high school students and band directors from across the country assemble for all different types of educational clinics.

Monday we remained in Whitehouse, Oh., after performing the night before at Bowling Green State University. Unfortunately, the first of a few storms hit us in the evening as we prepared to begin ensemble rehearsal. Luckily we had access to some inside rehearsal facilities so we could salvage the evening. Without giving too much away, the brass learned new music to a particular section of the show, and all we can say is ... wow! We think you will really love this, so look for it when we perform here at Ball State University on Friday night.

Monday evening after rehearsal, we packed up to head to our current housing site. After the three hour or so bus ride southwest to Pendleton, Ind., everyone hit the floors for a few hours rest before an 8:00 wakeup call for breakfast. During the morning visual rehearsal, the brass and percussion spent most of the time working on marching fundamentals and cleaning drill. The guard perfected various flag tosses and other choreography before heading to lunch.

The second of our midwest storms hit us on Tuesday, right as we were heading to afternoon ensemble. We didn't really have any place indoors to practice so we kind of had to wait it out. The trumpet players did get the chance to work with the baritones and tubas on their trumpet technique. If you haven't seen it, there is a cool echo section in the show where the low brass players all pick up trumpets. It happens right after the drummers play on the car mufflers. 

The highlight of the day had to be laundry time! We needed it. Everyone was bussed in the evening to a couple local laundry-mats for a few hours, so now we don't all stink quite as bad:-)

After we arrived back at the school, the guard decided to have a little fun and started a dance party! They played rap music and a bunch of members danced in the gym while the staff kind of peaked in and rolled their eyes. It was all good fun and made for a nice time before everyone crashed for the night. 


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