Drum Major's Log

Stardate 11406.07

Drum Majors Log, day 21 of Spring Training: time to catch up on a few days of action!

Friday we started to learn drill to the closer, which is a combination of two pieces arranged by Music Director, Michael Klesch: Perihelion, by Philip Sparke, and Vitae Aeternum, by Paul Lovatt-Cooper. Both works were composed for British Brass Bands and are a challenge to perform and march. In the evening, the CrownLEARNING Drum Major and Leadership Camp began with 26 students joining us for workshops and rehearsals. They will be around all weekend long and have been a blast to work with.

Wednesday and Thursday were both review days, especially during visual blocks. We've been able to put larger chunks of the show together, as everyone gets more comfortable with the drill and body movement. On Thursday morning, the brass reviewed the end of the opener, especially focusing on the jazz running technique employed during this section. Some folks are 'airborne' the entire time during this last part. It's pretty awesome!

The percussion section was back at it, perfecting the opener music and drill, before fine tuning the transitions they've been focused on for the percussion feature.

CrownGUARD members spent Wednesday detailing the choreography for Out of This World, while on Thursday, they practiced individual drill sets and some larger chunks of the opener. A few solo performers also learned new choreography for the opener which definitely looks Out of This World!! On Monday the guard will begin learning the hair and makeup styles they will use for the show, which everyone is definitely excited for!

Ensemble rehearsal for both days was in the stadium. In fact, all full corps evening rehearsals going forward will be in the stadium, which is great for rehearsal, as the staff can get up higher to see and hear better. The only downside is it means we have to move the equipment that long distance everyday.

Both Wednesday and Thursday nights, we did full run-throughs of the show up through the ballad. 


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Sunday, July 26, 2015

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