Stardate 11405.31

Day 14 of Spring Training 2014 marked the return of Music Arranger, Michael Klesch!

With all the choreography and dance that everyone has learned over this week, the staff decided to hold a morning and afternoon visual block. During the morning session, some sections of drill were adjusted to accommodate new equipment work added by the guard. Then it was on to clarifying and cleaning much of the choreography. 

For the afternoon block, the brass continued to work on dance moves and choreography, while the guard split off on their own to clean some new flag work. The brass also learned most of the ballad drill, while the battery percussion picked up where they left off yesterday, continuing to modify their drill for the percussion feature. 

It didn't rain today, but we still had to again deal with some threats of lightening here and there. Everyone managed, and we were able to start ensemble pretty much on time. We worked through parts of the opener and second production so Michael Klesch, who was seeing everything for the first time, could listen and make some minor adjustments. It was cool to then be able to do a complete run though of the show up to the ballad, with all the choreography and guard work now in place.

We finished the night by recording the entire show top to bottom in the stadium, concluding another great day here at Gardner Webb. Everyone is getting past the tough part of Spring Training and building their strength and endurance for the summer. Only two more weeks before we hit the road for tour! 


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