Drum Major's Log

Stardate 11405.27

Day ten of Spring Training 2014 saw the brass learn the ballad drill and the guard hold auditions for solo dancers.

Brass Caption Supervisor, Matt Harloff, had to leave Gardner-Webb in the afternoon so the brass block was held in the morning instead of visual. Most of that time was spent working on tone quality and technique exercises and some show excerpts. After additional rehearsal, they recorded Flight of the Bumblebee which Matt shared on Youtube, before moving to the field for to march and play sections of the show.

The percussion section spent much of the day in sectionals and full ensemble working on the percussion feature, while the guard completed all the choreography for the opener and began work on the second production, Out of This World. The afternoon visual block was led by Visual Caption Supervisor, Ron Hardin, who worked with just the brass section on the drill to the ballad. 

There are dance features in the ballad, so the guard held auditions in the afternoon and evening to choose the solo performers.

The evening ensemble rehearsal was a bit of a challenge, as we had to leave the field on a few occasions due to some lightning. When we were on the field, the brass and percussion worked through the show up to the ballad so Visual Choreographer, Jim Moore, could see everything and make plans for the body movements he will add.

Today will be spent learning much of this body work and reviewing the ballad.

Some fun after rehearsal with Kevin LeBoeuf, Nancy Barth and Preston Cheek.


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