We started yesterday morning with the entire corps together and learned the pre-show. Visual Designer, Leon May, worked through the design with everyone and it's going to be great with lots of free form movement. Everyone should definitely be pumped to see this!

In the afternoon, the sections split up with the guard continuing to learn choreography and drill for the opener, the brass section going through a dance block with Movement Coordinator, Michael Rosales, and the percussion heading into sectionals.

During the brass section's dance block, after working initially as a group, each section split off and learned their own choreographed contemporary dance routine, which they then performed for everyone. According to Michael, the idea here is if you can perform a dance routine in front of your friends then incorporating it into the show in front of thousands of people will be that much easier. Every section did great, but the Tubas were the most hilarious with the crazy faces they made and different funny movements.

After dinner in the GWebb cafeteria, the guard continued to work on choreography and drill and the brass and percussion rehearsed in the stadium. It was a fantastic rehearsal. Everyone worked together really well and we were able to march and play through the entire opener. 

It was an excellent day overall. The vibe in the corps is great and everyone is excited about the show and having a lot of fun working on it. We have really picked up on the work ethic that we established as a corp in 2013.

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