2014 Administration & Faculty


  • Jim Coates (Executive Director / CEO)
  • Kevin Smith (President BoD)
  • Moe Smith (Office Manager)
  • Nancy Barth (Operations / Tour Manager)
  • Keith Suttles (Honor Bands / Crown Tickets)
  • Cody Crawford (IT Manager / Customer Service)
  • Rudy Gowern (Manager CrownSTORE)
  • Brad Martin (Director of Development, Alumni Affairs)
  Design Team
  • Jim Coates (Staff Coordinator)
  • Michael Klesch (Music Director / Arranger)
  • Keith Potter (Program Concept / Visual Coordinator)
  • Leon May (Visual Designer)
  • Thom Hannum (Percussion Director / Arranger)
  • Andrew Markworth (Arranger - Front Ensemble)
  • Michael Townsend (Guard Director / Choreographer)
  • David Starnes (Design / Music Consultant)

Brass Staff

  • Matt Harloff (Caption Supervisor)
  • Michael Klesch (Music Director / Arranger)
  • Ray Linkous (Asst. Caption Supervisor)
  • Ben Harloff (Technique Specialist)
  • Chad Brinkman (Trumpet Tech)
  • Steve Mason (Low Brass Tech)
  • Katie Rozacky (Mellophone Tech)
  • Corey Alvaro-Futrell (Low Brass Tech)
  • Taylor Smith (Low Brass Tech)
  • Barry Hudson (Brass Specialist)
  • Larry Shane (Brass Specialist)
  • Frank Sullivan (Brass Consultant)

Percussion Staff

  • Thom Hannum (Percussion Director / Arranger)
  • Andrew Markworth (Arranger - Front Ensemble / Supervisor)
  • Glen Crosby (Percussion Technique Manager)
  • Chad Wyman (Percussion Staff Coordinator)
  • Sharif Mamoun (Battery Tech Manager)
  • Zach Schlicher (Music Ensemble / Visual Design Tech)
  • Paul Winterhaulter (Tenor Tech)
  • Sean McElroy (Bass Tech)
  • Mike Bishop (Front Ensemble Tech)
  • Lee Allman (Front Ensemble Tech)
  • Garrett Scharton (Front Ensemble Tech)
  • Derek Smith (Front Ensemble Tech)
  • Geoff Martin (Sound Engineer)
  • Dan Schmitt (Sound Tech)

Visual Staff

  • Leon May (Designer)
  • Keith Potter (Coordinator)
  • Ron Hardin (Caption Supervisor)
  • Brian Soules (Tech)
  • Brian Kraft (Tech)
  • Chris Considine (Tech)
  • Aaron Bailey (Tech)
  • Michael Huebner (Tech)
  • Tim Handley (Tech)
  • Gino Hernandez (Tech)
  • Mike Roche (Tech)
  • Patrick Forrester (Tech)
  • Pat Butler (Tech)
  • Emily Cleghorn (Tech)
  • Jim Moore (Visual Choreographer)

Guard Staff

  • Michael Townsend (Guard Director / Choreographer)
  • Rosie Queen (Caption Supervisor)
  • Michael Rosales (Movement Choreographer)
  • Herbert Washington (Technique Manager)
  • Kylee Hubbard (Tech)
  • Marissa Citarelli (Tech)
  • Philip Cohen (Tech)


  • CrownGOLF
  • NightBEAT
  • BandBEAT

Golf and YOU!!!crowngolf

A beautiful May morning at the Palisades Country Club near Fort Mill, SC, with the smell of freshly cut grass, beautiful blue skies and manicured greens.

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 CrownLEARNING is part of our ever growing mission to help young performers reach their potential while developing excellence in music and visual arts.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

American Legion 
Memorial Stadium 
Kings Drive, Charlotte, NC 

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BandBeatLogoAs an event program of the Carolina Crown organization, BandBEAT is a premier event for marching bands in the Carolinas. 

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