Volunteer FAQs

If I am a tour volunteer, what kinds of accommodations are provided for sleeping arrangements

Volunteers sleep in our specially-designed coach equipped with bunk beds or on air mattresses in a designated “volunteer room” within the facility that the corps is housed.

•Who should I contact about volunteering on tour?

Please feel free to contact our Tour Manager, Nancy Barth (nancy@carolinacrown.org) or our Office Manager, Moe Smith (moe@carolinacrown.org) to answer any of your tour-related volunteer questions.

If I am volunteering on tour can I bring my spouse or child?

We welcome your spouse to sign up with you for one of our tour teams, however, due to space limitations we require anyone coming on tour to “pull their weight” as a working volunteer.  Due to liability reasons, only children between the ages of 16-18 years of age may be signed up with you for one of our tour teams, space available.  Again, the child will need to “pull their weight” as a working volunteer.

What if I am on tour and need to leave the tour for an emergency?

Emergencies do happen and Carolina Crown will make every effort to get you to a nearby transportation center, however, you will be responsible for all costs associated with your return travel.

Does it cost me anything to tour with Carolina Crown as a volunteer?

Other than “spending money” you will not normally incur any costs while on tour.  You will eat almost all your meals from our mobile kitchen, be provided with sleeping accommodations, and receive a “volunteer pass” for entry into the corps’ performances (space-available seating as designated by the show promoter).

On tour, how much free time will I have?

There may be small blocks of time during the day when you will have time to read a book or catch a nap, but for the most part our volunteers are “on duty” most of the time when we are not traveling down the road.

If I want to volunteer for an event, how do I go about signing up to work?

If you are interested in volunteering for a CrownEVENT please email Nancy Barth at nancy@carolinacrown.org or Moe Smith at moe@carolinacrown.org.

How many volunteers are needed for the Carolina Crown Events?

Each CrownEVENT takes a large number of volunteers to make that event successful. See the Positions Available section under CrownVOLUNTEERS on our website for examples of the typical positions needed.

•What do I need to do if I have to cancel for an event?

Carolina Crown understands that emergencies do occur but since the success of our events depend on our volunteers we ask that you notify us ASAP and at least 72 hours prior to the event if you need to cancel, or find a replacement to cover your position.

•I can only work for half of the day of an event. Can I still sign-up to work?

Many of our events have “shifts” for volunteers whereby your time commitment may be as little as a few hours.  Of course, we encourage you to sign up to work the entire event or as many “shifts” as possible.

•How much physical activity is required for volunteering?

Depending on the volunteer position you sign up for the amount of physical activity can vary tremendously.  For our touring volunteers as well as some other more active positions, we recommend that you be able to be on your feet 5-7 hours/day, lift 20+lbs, be exposed to high temperatures and other outside environmental settings, and not have any medical conditions that may hinder full participation in some work duties.

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