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Membership Financial Requirements

To be considered for membership in Carolina Crown, you must not only participate in the audition process, but remain up-to-date financially with the drum corps. Member's tuition and fees account for only a small percentage of the total cost needed to operate the corps.

Registration Fee: $150

This is a non-refundable fee which must be paid during the submission of the Registration Form and no later than the first audition camp attended. (This fee is waived for returning members. Vets should contact for vet coupon code). You can download & receive the audition material only when the registration is completely submitted and paid in full.

Pay Registration Fee $150

Camp Fee (weekend camp): $150

This fee pays for the member's housing, instruction, food, etc. for each Crown pre-season camp. It is expected that the participant attend all pre-season camps for your particular section. If all six camps are attended and paid for in the pre-season and all other financial obligations are fulfilled, there will be a $200 rebate applied to uniform or spring training fees at the time of move-in. Camp fees are non-refundable unless notified of camp absense at least 1 week before the camp date.

Pay Camp Fee (weekend) $150

Camp Fee (remote camp/optional): $50

This fee pays for the member's instruction and other administrative costs for a single-day, remote audition camp. (NOTE: This does not apply to full-weekend camps.) Camp fees are non-refundable unless notified of camp absence at least one week before the camp date. Registration fee is still required and is considered a separate fee for single-day camps.

Pay Camp Fee (remote) $50

Participation Fee/Tuition: $2,350

There is a minimum scheduled payment plan (listed below), or an option for early payment with a discount if paid before the end of the January camp weekend. Within this cost, the student plays on new top of the line Yamaha instruments, new color guard equipment, and performs while wearing the most recent custom designed & tailored uniforms by FJM. This also covers all food and housing during the marching season.

There will be a $100 discount applied for every year a person has marched with Carolina Crown.  Example: 1 year vet = $2250, 2 year vet = $2150, etc.  This does not apply to those who have only auditioned or have marched with another drum corps.

Pay Participation Fee/Tuition $2,350

Uniform Fee: $325

This fee includes the main components of the uniform, including plumes, unitards, shoes, and gloves for the entire season. 

Pay Uniform Fee $325

Spring Training Fee: $425

*This fee includes housing at Gardner-Webb University where members sleep in semi-private rooms with meals provided for them in the university food court during the week. In looking at this cost it is below $12 a day for 3 meals (all you can eat) and a private bed to sleep.

Pay Spring Training Fee $425

Early Bird Discount

Pay your TUITION/PARTICIPATION FEE (new members - $2350) in FULL by the end of the January camp weekend, and receive $100 discount.
(example: $2350 - $100 = $2250 ) 
*Does not apply to Registration Fees, Camp Fees, Uniform Fees, Spring Training Fees, or other expenses. 

Mandatory Fundraising

Each member will be required to participate in our yearly March-a-thon fundraiser where they will complete and turn in 30 forms which will be mailed to friends, relatives and fans. If a member fails to participate in the March-a-thon fundraiser,  $200 will be charged to their account payable before Spring Training. A special incentive for completion of forms will be a 25% kickback from each dollar received pledged under the member's name.

Mandatory Minimum Payment Schedule

PLEASE NOTE – Full tuition is due upon being offered a position in the corps. Those still in the audition process are expected to follow the payment schedule as well beginning in December. The mandatory payment plan below must be followed as a minimum to be considered for a spot. A one-camp grace period (with valid reason) is all that will be allowed for non-payment of tuition and fees. Tuition and fees are non-refundable, which includes being released from the corps for disciplinary or medical reasons. The only exceptions are 1) tuition payments will be refunded if you make your request within 10 days of being offered a spot, and (2) if it is determined that there is no position available for you in this year's corps. 
(You must pay the minimum per schedule to be considered for membership in the corps. All tuition is promptly refunded if no spot is offered.)

Upon submission of registration

(former corps members are exempt from the registration fee)

 Paid at all camps attended

$200 rebate offered if all six camps are attended and paid in full

Amount listed based on new member      
November Camp $150  $150       $300
December Camp   $150 $470      $620
January Camp   $150 $470      $620
February Camp   $150  $470      $620
March Camp   $150  $470      $620
April Camp   $150 $470      $620
Spring Training        $325  $425  $750
But we can't do it without your support.

Carolina Crown, Inc. is a 501(c)3 approved charity by the Internal Revenue Service. Our mission is "Developing Lifelong Excellence in young people". We achieve this through performance opportunities and a commitment to education in the performing arts with core values of Integrity, Commitment, Respect and Excellence.

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