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Lynda Lee

To Crown HOF Committee:

I would like to nominate long time TeamCROWN volunteer and bus driver Lynda Lee to be considered into the Carolina Crown Hall of Fame.

In every organization there many people filling a variety of different roles within the corps history that are vital to its continued growth and success. As the nomination process indicates: “Nominees shall have made a significant contribution to the progress of the organization over an extended period of time.” One such role is of the bus driver who maintains a crazy set of hours in the drum corps traveling circus to ensure her precious cargo arrives safely at housing and show sites daily. Lynda has been driving for Carolina Crown for 21 years and is directly responsible for safely moving, over the road, well over a thousand marching members. Lynda is a fixture on a Carolina Crown tour driving the brass bus and is sough after a show by Alumni and old TeamCROWN members just a chance to spend a few minutes talking with her before time to leave for the next stop. Lynda even stepped up when the corps was in need of an equipment truck driver to spend one summer hauling the corps equipment safely around on the corps tour. Lynda is warm, nurturing, funny, honest and Rand McNally even goes to her for driving directions! Lynda, like so many other volunteers has pitched in when and where she has ever been needed over her time with Carolina Crown- food truck, washing uniforms, sewing flags, packing up so the corps could leave on time just to list a few things.

The best testimony of Lynda’s impact is from some of the members that have been her passengers over the years.

“Most of my experiences are as a fellow driver since 1997. Probably the funniest moment is when I accidentally ripped the door off of her coach at Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh in 1998. Her reaction was, shall we say, priceless...”

Marcus Jones

“Lynda has been a staple of Team Crown for so long. Her rapport with the members has always been a great source of comfort-- her laugh and smile and infectious love for the organization and for drum corps makes her a mother figure for so many. It's always a highlight to see her when Crown passes through!”

David Roth

“My favorite was one of the days in 2010 when we just had the hell beaten out of us by the staff and we were really dragging our tail feathers before a show and she put on her motivational hype music playlist. Or in 2012 when we had a different driver and she was driving the EQ truck but she would still come onto the brass bus and say hi”

Aubrey Jahelka

“Oh man, too many to count. Most of those fall under the rule "What happens on the brass bus, stays on the brass bus." But other than that we'd always talk about hockey while the playoffs were still going on, and watch highlights on my phone.”

Alex Szabo

“I don't think any of them are appropriate though hahaha”

Kyle Harrington

“Oh my goodness... Just about everything!! She's probably the most compassionate and tolerant person I've met in my time at Crown. She's so patient with all of the members and finds ways to brighten our days every day.”

Hunter Bown

“A great example of her attitude was when we needed a CDL driver in 12. She gave up bus driving to help fill that role for the drum corps. I was bummed because I picked my seat behind the driver on the brass bus assuming she was driving for us.”

Brandon Klein

This is by no means exhaustive, but a sample that is echoed many times over from former marching members in their own different ways. Lynda exemplifies what a Crown Hall of Famer is and is another one of those critical foundation stones that Carolina Crown was built on.

Respectfully submitted,

Charles Long, Jr.

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