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How is the schedule determined?

Online registration for BandBEAT begins on March 1, 2016. All registrations received between March 1, 2016 and May 1, 2016 will be entered into a random draw for performance order. The draw will be conducted and posted online no later than May 8, 2016. Units drawing a lower number will perform later in the show verses units with a higher draw number performing earlier. Bands registering after the May 1 deadline will be placed in reverse order of registration date.

BandBEAT is a Prelims/Finals format event. All bands will perform based on their draw order. The top ten scoring bands will move on to compete in the finals competition that evening, along with any class winners who are not a top ten finisher, with a maximum of 12 bands. The finals schedule will be constructed as follows:

Performance slots 1-2 (if needed) Class winners not ranked in the top ten
Performance slots 3-7 Bands ranked 6-10, randomly drawn
Performance slots 8-12 Bands ranked 1-5, randomly drawn

How are the classes determined?

Prelims classes will be determined based on horn-line size. The classes will be assigned as follows:
  • Class A - 0 to 34 winds
  • Class AA - 35 to 49 winds
  • Class AAA - 50 to 64 winds
  • Class AAAA - 65 and above winds

Bands may opt to move up to a higher classification than assigned, however bands will not be permitted to perform in a classification below their assignment.

What awards will be given at the event?

For prelims, trophies will be presented to the first, second and third place bands within the respective classes. The highest scoring band in the A/AA class, as well as the highest scoring band in the AAA/AAAA class will receive a trophy.

For finals, participation awards and placement awards will be presented to each band. Caption awards will also be presented for High Overall Music, High Overall Visual and High Overall Effect.

Bands will also receive “rating” banners based on their prelims score which will be sent at a later date.

What are the registration costs to participate?

There is no registration fee for BandBEAT. All participating bands are required to participate in the Ticket Fundraiser.

What is the ticket fundraiser and how does it work?

The Ticket Fundraiser was designed as a way to help bring in larger audiences for the event, as well as offer bands the opportunity to fundraise for their own programs in the process!How it works: Each band is required to purchase ONE ticket for every THREE band members. The tickets are sold to bands at a discounted price. Bands have the option to sell their tickets at face value to parents, fans and other spectators. The band program is able to keep the difference between the discounted price and the face value of the ticket. You can also choose to purchase more than the required ticket amount if you choose!

Example: Say your band has 100 members. You will be required to purchase only 33 tickets. You can choose to purchase either Prelims, Finals, or Combination tickets at the discounted rate. You can then sell the tickets at face value and keep the difference!

Payment for all tickets is required before you will be permitted to check into the event.

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